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How to deal with lower back pain and live a pain-free life

How to deal with lower back pain and live a pain-free life

Back pain is one of the most leading health problems worldwide. The prevalence of back pain is more in females than in males. Apart from the constant ache, back pain also results in limiting your day-to-day activities. If you are looking to learn more about back pain and how to deal with it, you have reached the right place.

Let’s understand what exactly comes under the lower back region?

The lower back region or the lumbar region starts from below your ribcage and extends to your tailbone. The lumbar region is responsible for holding the weight of your entire upper body. Not only has that, but your lower back also provided the body with flexibility and traction. The muscles of our lower back are responsible for simple tasks like bending or lifting objects.

Few common reasons due to which females face back pain are-

  1. Most homemakers are responsible for carrying out multiple strenuous tasks throughout the day, from sending their kids to school to cleaning and maintaining the house. All these activities take a toll on a woman’s body. Homemakers commonly face the issue of chronic back pain due to the strenuous work carried out by them throughout the day.
  2. Women might think that if they were not lifting heavy objects, why they would suffer from lower back pain. The answer lies in the fact that you use the muscles of your lower back in everyday tasks, from cleaning utensils, washing clothes, folding laundry, etc. Everything requires using your lumbar region and doing all these tasks in a bad posture results in back pain.
  3. The working people have to sit for long hours in front of their desktops in their offices. It is usual for people to slouch while sitting in a chair. Maintaining this posture for a long time causes severe strain on the muscles of the lower back area.
  4. Many women enjoy watching daily soaps in their free time. Sitting in front of the television to take a break from your daily tasks or completing tasks like peeling vegetables is a regular habit. However, this comes at a cost to your lower back muscles. Watching TV for long hours not only harms your eyes but also causes lower back pain because of bad posture. It is a common habit to slump back on your bed to enjoy some television time. This leads to a bad body posture, which leads to sprains in your lower back muscles.
  5. Menstrual cramps are the monthly best friends of women. Many times, women suffer from excruciating lower back pain when they have their monthly menstruation. Hormonal imbalance causes a woman to undergo severe stomach cramps, which often results in lower back pain.
  6. Around the age of 45-50, many women face Menopause. Important hormones in women cease to occur, which results in hormonal imbalance. This results in older women facing problems with their lumbar region and developing difficulty in carrying out tasks that would require the strength of lower back muscles.
  7. New mothers have to carry their child often around while doing other tasks. This results in a direct strain on the muscles of your lower back. Women often bend or lift objects while bearing the child’s weight; this results in bad posture and often causes a sprain in the lower back muscles.
  8. Living a sedentary lifestyle with no physical exertion beyond daily activities is also a culprit of back pain. Many homemakers are often unable to flesh out time for keeping themselves happy and healthy. However, that results in a sedentary lifestyle, which causes back muscles to lose their flexibility and leads to stiffness and back pain.
  9. Obesity is a problem that often results in lower back pain. Since the lumbar region is responsible for bearing the weight of your upper body. Lifting heavyweight most of the time results in more stress on your lower back. This can result in painful muscle sprains.
  10.  Pregnancy often results in back pain. As women’s center of gravity shifts and they gain weight, it often results in hormonal imbalance. Lower back pain usually manifests in the 5th month of pregnancy.

Simple and effective ways of dealing with lower back pain at home –

  1. Yoga

A proven effective way of dealing with lower back pain is stretching through Yoga. The yoga exercises are not only relaxing for your body but also promote better mental health. The fluid movements of yoga stretch your back muscles and increase blood circulation.

Some easy poses to begin are ;

  1. Cobra pose – Lie on your stomach flat in a yoga mat and keep your hands beside your shoulders. Gently lift your upper body and look up towards the ceiling. This stretch helps your muscles to relax and relieves pain.
    Cobra Pose for back pain
  2. Child’s pose – Take a yoga mat and sit on your heels like a child. Place your hips apart and bend down until your hands touch the floor.
  3. Touching your toes – Place your legs apart and gently lower your upper body. Touch your toes with your fingers and feel your back and hamstrings stretch.

2) Get rid of your sedentary lifestyle.

It is often easy to forget to make time for our health. A simple way of keeping yourself active is to get up and walk every hour.

You can walk while talking on your phone or completing your household chores.

Make time to walk a few rounds around the block. Walking for 30 mins every day is a great way to attain good health and relieving back pain.

3) Do low impact exercises

Exercising improves blood circulation and releases endorphins in your body.

 It helps your muscles in becoming more robust and also improves your flexibility.

Daily low impact exercises like Pilates can be done from home and improve your back pain by loosening up tense muscles.

4) Hot or cold compress

Using a cold compress helps in reducing inflammation. After an injury or an acute muscle sprain, using a cold compress will provide relief. Wrap up some ice in a cloth and apply it directly over sore muscles. A hot compress is advisable if you have stiff or tight muscles. You can use a hot compress like a heating pad or use a hot water bottle over the area for relief.

5) Check your vitamin levels

Women usually suffer from low levels of Vitamin D, which is very important for good bone health. Taking supplements can help a woman maintain the necessary level of vitamins in their body.

6) Use the right chair

If you spend time working from a chair, you need to check if it allows you to have good back support. There are many office chairs available online which provide excellent lumbar support. If you have a habit of working on a desk, make sure that you place both of your hands on the desk. Your eyes should match the level of your screen.

7) Correct your posture

Back pain often results due to poor posture. You can deal with this problem by checking yourself whenever you slouch down. Keep your head centered over your hips and align your spine straight.

8) Be mindful of your sleeping posture

Getting enough hours of sleep is essential to maintain a healthy body. Keep a pillow under your head, and make sure that your head is aligning with your spine. People who sleep on their sides should place an extra pillow between their knees to gain maximum support.

9) Consume natural anti-inflammatory drinks.

Many natural ingredients reduce pain and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric milk and Ginger Green tea are drinks that possess natural anti-inflammatory properties. Having these drinks regularly can build anti-inflammatory properties in your bloodstream. This will help in reducing future inflammation of sore muscles.

10) Lift the right way

If you are going to lift a heavy object, make sure that you squat and then lift it. This will engage your knees and hips and will put less strain on your back.

How has the Covid 19 pandemic resulted in increasing back pain?

Lower back pain is not a prominent symptom of Covid 19. However, fever and inflammation can result in lower back pain. However, by taking necessary medications and using a hot compress to relieve pain. The pandemic has resulted in women working from home or homemakers more devoted to many household tasks.

Nevertheless, it is essential to remember to make time for your health and find ways to keep yourself active, helping you reduce your back pain.

When do you need to consult a doctor?

Lower back pain is usually easy to deal with and you can make it moderate by using simple home techniques. However, you need to book an appointment with a doctor if you experience the following things –

  1. Increasing pain which requires painkillers
  2. Problem with carrying out simple tasks
  3. No relief experienced even after trying at-home remedies
  4. Pain that doesn’t let you sleep

In such cases, it is always advisable to consult a physician and get the required care.

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