Impact of Different Types of Addiction on Women

Addictions are bad, be it for men or women. However, the impact of these addictions can have adverse effects more on women when compared to men. There are so many reasons why women fall prey for these addictions in the first place. And when they do, they become more susceptible.

Some of the most common reasons why women get addicted to alcohol, drugs, etc. are

  • Lifestyle changes.
  • Peer pressure
  • For relaxation, enjoyment
  • To get relieved from stress
  • Out of curiosity
  • To overcome their inhibitions

Irrespective of the reasons, alcohol addiction has a negative impact on women on greater scale when compared to men. In this blog, you are going to see how each kind of common addictions like alcohol, drugs, cannabis, etc. are impacting women’s health and their lifestyle.


According to a survey conducted in 2019, 4% of the entire female population in the world and 8% of women in the age of 18 and 25 are having alcohol addiction issues. The people who start drinking at early age of their life tend to get more addicted to the drinks and that is the reason why alcohol addiction is increasing amongst teenagers.

So, why the impact of alcohol is completely different on women when compared to men? The first thing that one has to always keep in mind is the way women’s bodies function and absorb food, drinks that we put in it quite differently when compared to men. Women’s bodies have more amount of fat and less amount of water whereas it is completely the opposite in men. When women consume alcohol, the fat that is present in their body won’t be able to consume it, so it directly gets into the blood.

That is the reason why even though women drink less amount of alcohol they tend to behave more drunk than men. Even the metabolism rate in women is slow and it takes a lot of time for them to digest their drinks too.

There are so many bodily differences in men and women which make women more susceptible to the drinks. 66% of women who have alcohol addiction suffer personality disorder, weird phobias, depression, panic attacks, etc. Most of them consume alcohol in order to respond to the negative emotions which affects mental health too.

Cirrhosis, liver issues, breast cancer, issues with pregnancy are some other issues that women with alcohol addiction are prone too. Apart from them there is also higher risk to mouth, liver, throat, lungs, etc. Women also have higher risk of getting brain damage because of alcohol addiction.


Similar to alcohol, smoking is another addiction that can harm women in various ways. Although smoking can cause cancer for everyone, female population across the world face some unique issues with smoking.

Contraceptives and smoking combination is a big no for any lady out there. You will develop several risky health issues like clotting of blood, heart stroke, heart failure, etc. As one ages, the severity of this combination will also increase. Any women who start smoking at a young age have a risk of early menopause. Abnormal bleeding, vaginal infections, delay or completely absence of periods are some things that will happen at first followed by menopause. They hit this phase at least 3-4 years earlier than the women who don’t smoke. Addiction to smoking causes cancer and in women, it can cause pelvic as well as breast cancer too. It is important for every women who smokes to get their pelvic area tested at regular intervals.


Although Cannabis is legal in some parts across the world, cannabis abuse is still wrong. Be it, men or women, getting addicted to cannabis can put their health at risk and women have even riskier consequences. The first thing that everyone has to recognize is although women consume a lot less amount of cannabis compared to men, they have high chances of getting addicted to it. That is how their body is designed in the first place.

The females are known to have extreme emotions towards everything and it is true for drug abuse too. Be it cravings or relapsing towards them, they are quick to do it which is in turn going to affect them in a long time too. Addiction of cannabis can cause liver damage, drug overdose, chronic pain, etc.


Marijuana is slightly different than cannabis. Cannabis means dried out cannabis and it can also be a reason for addiction. People suffer from marijuana use disorder. Women who start consuming marijuana at a very young age are more likely to get addicted to it. The withdrawal symptoms can be pretty severe causing irritability, less appetite, more craving for marijuana, complete physical discomfort. The sexual hormones present in women make them more sensitive towards these addictions. They have its affect both physically and mentally too.

There are so many situations where women have heart diseases because of over usage of these drugs. They can also fall prey for brain diseases. Because of the hormones present in their bodies and its functions, women are more affected when compared to men and they have higher chances of over dosage.

Using marijuana in the breastfeeding phase can harm both mother and infant too.

Conclusion Be it any type of addiction, women are more sensitive towards them. It is how their body has been structured and they are falling prey to different kinds of issues too. That is the reason why it is always advised for women to have an eye on their addictions and obsessions. Any overdosage can hurt them mentally and physically. There are so many cases in which women died due to overdosage of drugs. Women don’t need a lot of substance to get addicted too and they are quick to get addicted to the products too. All in all, it can damage and harm them more than anything. So, women should always be careful about

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