Stress Management

Stress Management: Can Improve the Quality of Life

We often come across word “Stress” in day to day life. It is often debated that why the level of stress is accelerating in life of men and women across the world. In addition, it is also debated how to handle stress for getting better living. But all these debates remain limited counselling room of a doctor and when we come out of it the life again start journey with stress. According to the recent studies it is found women are more prone to stress as compared male population. As we know ladies in modern time no more limited to household works and upbringing of kids. It will be not wrong if we will say ladies are one step ahead of men in almost all spheres. So, more responsibilities and works are always brings stress in the life of ladies. In this blog we will discuss everything about stress and also about Stress Management to help ladies in taking better precautions.

Introduction of Stress

Stress is automatic response of your mind when you come across changes in your life. As we know everyone is having specific mindset and anything challenging that becomes stress. It is not necessary you become stress only in certain circumstances rather stress can arise from any issue in your life. Most of the ladies are not very comfortable with changes coming in their life may be physical, psychological, mental, emotional, or any other. In such situation many ladies become victim of stress. In many cases you even don’t know you are actually under stress and situation becomes worst with passage of time.

Prominent causes of stress

If we are exclusively talking about ladies then stress can be broadly classified into following categories:

Physical Stress: When girls grow and become adolescent, they come across many physical changes like menstrual period, growth of breast, and change in body shape. All these changes mostly make girls uncomfortable and they remain stressed.

Stress of Career: Many ladies after reaching college start getting bothered about career prospect they have choose. Such change is always accompanied by stress.

Stress of breakup and divorce: Life of ladies is largely governed by their emotional attachments. Even if a lady is successful and practical she is having soft corner for her boyfriend or husband. If due to any reason relationship ends it is difficult for ladies accept that and they suffer from high-level of stress.

Financial stress: In the present world life of people is surrounded by debts. It is never easy for a lady stay comfortable to stay relaxed when she has to pay different types of loans. Even managing expenses of household is major reason of stress in female community.

Stress of sexual activity: For any lady it is not as easy like a man to get ready for sexual activity. At times, virgin girls suffer from stress when they are going to lose their virginity. Even mature ladies who are not getting sexual pleasure suffer from stress.

Major effects of stress

Stress is never good for body and mind as it can bring anyone close to many diseases and physical problems. When ladies suffer from stress the major effects on their body are:

  • Persistent headache
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Difficulty in conceiving babies
  • Delay or stoppage in menstrual period
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Disturbed digestion
  • Addiction of different intoxicating items
  • Fatigue
  • Hassles during breastfeeding
  • Sexual dysfunction

Stress Management

You can eliminate stress completely from your life. In this regard, you can take initiatives to reduce the chances of occurrence of stress. Further, you also need to know how to manage stress in better way so that it never causes serious harm to your life. There are some easy techniques by which can restrict entry of stress in your life or able to reduce the burden of stress.

Tips for managing stress

Taking break

Taking break really works in managing stress to great extent. When you are feeling stressed because of work pressure, deadlines, routine work schedule, and failure in getting appraisals then you just need a refreshing break. You can plan vacation to peaceful places and stay there for sometime it will really change your mind and relive you from stress.

Meditation and Yoga

You can easily manage any kind of stress by systematic meditation and yoga practices. If you are practicing yoga and meditation regularly then will be least affected by any kind of stress. Yoga and meditation helps greatly in stabilizing mind and prepare to face any change coming to your life whatever it may be. You can practice yoga and meditation in your home, office, or open space wherever you think need of these.

Go for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy always helps in reducing the stress level. You can easily arrange such therapy in your home by finding essential items required for it from the internet. If you are somehow finding it difficult to arrange it at your home you can also visit aromatherapy centers.

Avoid irritating people

You can also combat your stress level by avoiding people who are irritating in any manner. For feeling better in stress try to be in silent place and if you like play soft music track. It will really work in positive manner and relive you from stress.

Meet people who care for you

In stress when you will spend time with people who care for you, definitely it will help in reducing the level of stress. Even if you are in love with your pets then starting spend time with them. Animals can reduce the level of stress drastically as they have healing power.

Consult psychologist

In case you have tried everything to get rid of stress and find nothing helping in reducing stress then never make delay in consulting psychologist. Help of professional psychologist will help you in finding better way to reduce the level of stress. Consulting psychologist will help you in determining what is actually making you stressed and you will be guided in systematic manner to get out of it.


Stress management is an essential part of life as no one will care for you there to make you happy all the time. So, you have to find the best way to remain away from stress or to reduce its level in your life. Our blog has offered you sufficient tips that will always help you when there will stress.  

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